Pocket Jazz Band - Easy Swing!

Bossanova, Swing, Traditional Jazz, Blues, Classics, Loungejazz

Their list of performances is as diverse as their musical repertoire – complementing everything from the minister‘s reception to the garden party. The band is very flexible and attracts the audiences sympathy from the first note on.


The bands pleasant and unintrusive music does not interfere with the conversation and their repertoire consists of Swing classics as well as Traditionals, Blues, Samba, Bossanova, Tango, Dixieland, Klezmer and a few hand picked pop tunes.

Of course the musicians always arrange their setlist with the scope of the event in mind. That‘s why the Pocket Jazzband fits into a modern and elegant setting as well as the Jazzclub.


A particular feature of the band is the little effort to set it up. Playing basically unplugged the Trio always finds a spot and can even be placed right next to guests and listeners due to their low volume. Finally there‘s a band that actually plays softly and low-key making the Pocket Jazzband a classy addition to your event!

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